Yoga isn't about touching your toes or grabbing your ankles or sitting in lotus pose.
You do not need to be flexible to do yoga.
Ultimately the goal of yoga is to live your life mindfully.
With regular yoga practice your body becomes stronger & more flexible,
your balance and sense of well-being improve, and your mind becomes calm & centered.

To get started show up a little before class is scheduled to begin.
please do not wear scent to class.
BRING A MAT @ 3819 River Blvd
$10 DROPIN or enroll - see class schedule page    

Saturday 9am MAT pilates/yoga (strengthen/stretch/relax) 50minute

Sunday 10am  MAT pilates/yoga (strengthen/stretch/relax) 60minute

Monday 9:45am MAT101 (strengthen/stretch/relax) 50minute
Tuesday 5:15am MAT pilates/yoga (strengthen/stretch/relax) 60minute

Tuesday 9:45am MAT pilates/yoga (strengthen/stretch/relax) 50minute

Tuesday 4pm MAT pilates/yoga (strengthen/stretch/relax) 50minute

Wednesday 9:45am MAT101 (strengthen/stretch/relax) 50minute

Thursday 5:15am MATpilates/yoga (strengthen/stretch/relax) 60minute

Thursday 9:45am MATpilates/yoga (strengthen/stretch/relax) 50minute

Thursday 4pm MATpilates/yoga (strengthen/stretch/relax) 50minute

Thursday 5pm KHALSA WAY kundalini PRENATAL yoga  60minute

Friday 9:45am MAT101 (strengthen/stretch/relax) 50minute

Friday 5pm Yoga Meditation 101 (stretch/relax/tune-in) 75minute

- All classes $10 drop-in -
except for
ZUMBAŽ  $5 drop-in

making a regular exercise program affordable
Now enrolling for APRIL
8 classes a week $90
7 classes a week $80
6 classes a week $70
5 classes a week $60
4 classes a week $50
3 classes a week $45
2 classes a week $35

Select the classes you want from the classes listed above.
These classes are suitable for most people.
 If you have thinning bones MAT 101  9:45am classes, Monday/Wednesday/Friday are recommended.