isn't about touching your toes or grabbing your ankles or sitting in lotus pose.
You do not need to be flexible to do yoga.
Ultimately the goal of yoga is to live your life mindfully.
With regular yoga practice your body becomes stronger & more flexible, your balance and sense of well-being improve, and your mind becomes calm & centered.

Yoga is an important part of most classes that Deb McCormack teaches.
To get started show up a little before class is scheduled to begin. WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING THAT ALLOWS YOU TO MOVE FREELY.
Please do not wear scent to class.
BRING A MAT @ 3819 River Blvd.
$10 DROPIN or enroll -
see class schedule page for rates & current classes.   


Starting Tuesday 6/13/17
40 day challenge.
7am-8am DAILY PRACTICES meditative,
$10 drop-in,
or enroll in one to seven days a week,
$25/month - $80/month.
Or enroll for the 40 consecutive day challege $85.
Daily attendence not necessary but is encouraged.