Saturday 8am ZUMBA® (55minute)
Saturday 9am MAT pilates/yoga (50minute)

Sunday 10am MAT pilates/yoga (60minute)

Monday 5:15am Bootcamp (60minute)

Monday 9:15am ZUMBA® (30minute)
Monday 9:45am MAT101 (50minute)

Tuesday 5:15am MAT pilates/yoga (60minute)

Tuesday 9:15am Interval Training (30minute)
Tuesday 9:45am MAT pilates/yoga (50minute)

Tuesday 4pm MAT pilates/yoga (50minute)

Wednesday 5:15am ZUMBA® (60minute)

Wednesday 9:15am ZUMBA® (30minute)
Wednesday 9:45am MAT101 (50minute)

Thursday 5:15am MATpilates/yoga (60minute)

Thursday 9:15am Interval Training (30minute)
Thursday 9:45am MAT pilates/yoga (50minute)

Thursday 4pm MAT pilates/yoga (50minute)

Thursday 5pm PRENATAL yoga (60minute)

Friday 5:15am Bootcamp (60minute)

Friday 9:15am-9:45am ZUMBA® (30minute)
Friday 9:45am MAT101 (50minute)

Friday 5pm Yoga Meditation 101 (75minute)

DROP IN $10 (except for ZUMBA® $5)
1 class a week $25/month
2 classes a week $35/month
3 classes a week $45/month
4 classes a week $50/month
5 classes a week $60/month
6 classes a week $70/month
7 classes a week $80/month
8 classes a week $90/month
9 classes a week $100/month

Select the classes you want from the classes listed above.
These classes are suitable for most people.
If you have thinning bones MAT 101 9:45am classes, Monday/Wednesday/Friday are recommended.

Classes are taught by Deb McCormack
at 3819 River Blvd, on the Bluffs, opposite Greenlawn,
661 328 9022 text preferred