No previous yoga experience necessary. For all women at any stage in their pregnancy.

“There will never be another pregnancy like this one. Every day is important. Be alive, aware, and present in every moment of your pregnancy.” Gurmurkh

KHALSA WAY prepares mothers for pregnancy, childbirth, & motherhood. Each class includes stretching, strengthening, breathing exercises, relaxation & meditation with mantras, mudras, singing, dancing, & connecting; connecting with your baby, with your own inner being and with other pregnant women.

Instructor Deb McCormack, “It was a privilege to be trained by Gurmurkh in KHALSA WAY (author of BOUNTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BLISSFUL). I look forward to sharing these powerful, transformative techniques.

“This work is training for labor. It trains you to know where to put the energy, to know this instinctively in your body.” – Gurmurkh