Our bodies are made for frequent, varied whole-body movement.
Make regular exercise an enjoyable, ongoing part of your life.
These classes are a way to achieve overall balanced fitness. 


Bring a mat and water.
Wear sneakers.
Wear comfortable layered clothing that allows you to move freely.

Please do not wear scent to class.

Women's Mind-Body Bootcamp
5:15am-6:15am, MONDAY-FRIDAY

Daily we will and strengthen, stretch, and de-stress.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday cardio included.
Monday - interval training
Wednesday - Zumba
Friday - circuit training

Tuesday - relaxation
Thursday - meditation

Classes are taught by Deb McCormack
at 3819 River Blvd, on the Bluffs, opposite Greenlawn,
661 328 9022 text preferred

“As a working mother, I have found the Mind-Body Bootcamp Class at 5:15am to be a convenient, and energizing way to start my day right. Ever since I started attending the class, I have felt stronger, more flexible, and more capable of meeting the challenges of my busy lifestyle. The Mind-Body Bootcamp gives me enough energy to be the employee I need to be during the workday and the mother my children deserve when I come home.

Deb is attentive to the needs of her students and provides a lot of variety in the morning routines. I wake up curious about the class activities that day, and the class never disappoints. This class is absolutely one of the best things I do to take care of myself, and the reasonable price makes it a great bargain.”
               - current participant,
                 Carolyn Cummings  



Read Rosie's & Caitlyn's testimonials where, in their own words, they describe their transformations.  They each experienced similar improvements. When people attend regularly these are the kind of results they can expect.

A testimonial - from Caitlyn Davis (2012)

"I just stepped on the scale and I weigh less than I have in 6YEARS. I have used many motivators over this year to help me lose 45 pounds (60 totals). I credit my newly found love of exercise for most of my success.

When I came to mind-body exercise, I was searching to find something other than the treadmill at the gym or 20-year-old trainers who had no idea what my life was like.
I found exactly what I needed. Finally, a type of exercise that was giving back to me instead of leaving me depleted. Not that I didn’t sweat or throw up a few times… LOL.
I worked hard and respected my mind and body at the same time. I was hooked! I started every day with mind – body boot camp, starting my day prepared and ready to work on my goals.

My life started changing on a regular basis not just during the workouts but also in real life. I started feeling more confident about my abilities. I felt more in control of myself. This helped me to Jet Ski for the first time, water ski for the first time since I was a kid. Winter came and I was even stronger and I went snow sledding with my kids instead of sitting at the bottom of the hill watching. This time I was racing my husband up the hills and Winning! My four-year-old son was very proud of me

I gave away 14 pairs of pants… I am down 5 sizes now!
I can wear my wedding rings again for the first time in 4 years.

I have a new picture in my head of what the” future me” will be. I still have more I want to lose and I still have more I want to do… Maybe this year some rock climbing!"


"At almost 47 years of age I have never felt so balanced in my life. Previously I focused on dieting to lose weight, working extreme hours to get ahead, and running in circles to try and please everyone. In July of 2006 I was facing another steroid injection in my spine for two herniated discs; I was popping Excedrin for chronic migraines; and I was fatigued to the point of exhaustion when I finally decided that I had had enough.

"I chose to try yoga and came across the Mind-Body Exercise Studio while surfing the internet. I showed up for a Monday easy pilates/yoga class and have never looked back. Now I have participated in yoga, pilates, trance dancing, meditative practices and belly dancing. I have lost over 30 pounds without dieting, I have found muscles in my belly that I haven't seen in years, I have not had any back pain in 8 months, and I can count the migraines I have had on one hand!

"Everyone at work, as well as my immediate and extended family has noticed a change in my spirit, in my posture, my weight, and my energy level. I went to a yoga class to strengthen my back muscles and found health, happiness and balance. I look forward to continuing my journey."

- Rosie Guerra-Martinez

This was written 2007. February 2008 Rosie completed teacher certification in Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga.


661 328 9022 text preferred