Deb McCormack teaches mind-body group exercise classes For the past 30 years working as a full-time fitness professional Deb has taught people of all ages & fitness levels, creating stronger, more balanced and suppler bodies.

Pictured below is the first Mind-Body Exercise studio here in Bakersfield. Located on Alta Vista, Deb taught there for over 10 years. Then for a few years taught in rented rooms around Bakersfield but missed having a “home-base”. September 2014, Deb is opened a new larger place on the Bluffs. This is envisioned as a collaborative venture, named JUJU lounge: peaceful revolution @ 3819 River Blvd. Now after two years Deb has found the perfect “roommate “ to share this space with -  Dr. Norma Smith, a licensed Christian counselor,

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